Last updated: May 14th, 2019


Offering social and guest wifi at your venue has never been this easier. All you need is a Meraki access point and an account on the BRANDfi portal. To create an account on the portal, visit https://splash.brandfi.co.ke/register , fill the provided form and click on register.


If you already have an account, visit https://splash.brandfi.co.ke/login to access the dashboard.


Once you have access to the BRANDfi portal dashboard, you are just 4 steps away from offering Wi-Fi at your venue.

Create organization

There are two options for creating an organization

1. On Brand-fi portal

On the top right corner of the dashboard page, click on organization drop down menu and choose ‘Add organization’.


You will then be redirected to the organization creation form. Fill in your organization details which include Org name, your phone number, email and address. Use the more info text box to add more description about your organization. The fields for address and more info are optional. To finish, click on register button at the bottom.


2. Importing from Meraki dashboard

For users who already have existing organizations on their Meraki dashboard, Brand-fi offers them the opportunity to import and use those organizations as they are.

To import your existing Meraki organization, click on the settings icon on the top right corner, just before the exit button. On the drop down that pops up, click on organizations as shown on the figure below.


A list of all your organizations will be displayed. Above this list is a tab with two buttons, one reading ‘New’ and the other reading ‘Import from Meraki’. Click on the ‘import from Meraki’ button as illustrated below.


Next you will be prompted for your meraki API key. Click here for more on how to get your Meraki API key. Once you enter your API key, click on ‘Fetch from Meraki’ button.


All the organizations managed by the API key will be fetched from Meraki dashboard and listed for you to import each individually. Remember to click on done to complete the process and save imported organizations.


Add a Meraki access point

On the left hand side of the dashboard, select Organization > Networks


Click on the ‘new venue’ button as shown above to create a venue which can hold a number of access points. Fill up the form that pops up and click save to create the venue.


The venue is created and can be accessed by selecting Organization > Networks

To add an access point to the venue, click on the name of the venue. This will redirect you to the hotspots page. Click on the ‘new hotspot’ button.


On the next screen, fill in details about the access point which include Name, Physical address, Mac address and serial number. Use the map at the top of the screen to choose the access point’s physical address. Leave the Radius server section as is (To use our master radius server for authenticating your users.) Use the more info box for any info about the access point. Click on the save button once all the fields are filled.


Create a splash page

On the left hand side of the dashboard, choose Organization > Splash Pages > new page.


Fill up the form that pops up and click on create when done. On the next page, you have the option of building a page from scratch using the Grapejs editor, or choosing from a list of pre-existing templates to edit.


RADIUS and walled garden setup on Meraki dashboard.

Login to the Meraki dashboard


Select Wireless > Access control.  

Choose an SSID you want to configure and then choose Network access in the Splash page tab. Pick on Sign-on with and select "my RADIUS server".


In the RADIUS for splash page section, add BRANDfi’s radius servers as follows;

Server Port Shared secret
radiusapi1.brandfi.co.ke 1812 Cisco123

For radius accounting, use the configurations below;

Server Port Shared secret
radiusapi1.brandfi.co.ke 1813 Cisco123

To set up walled garden ranges, choose walled gardens > Walled garden is enabled.
Use the following ranges;



Additional access control settings on the Meraki dashboard are as follows;

Captive portal strength Block all access until sign-on is complete
Simultaneous logins Allow simultaneous device per user
Controller disconnection behavior Default for your settings

Splash page setup on Meraki dashboard.

Choose Wireless > Splash page and select Custom splash URL.  Enter the following url: